Other materials

APET Sheets

APET is an amorphous polyester impact resistant for most applications. Mostly used in the course of performance, for displays in shop fittings and machine protection, etc.
APET can be cold bent and often sits as a poster protection in front of the so-called "sidewalk jockey" or headlines.
APET is approved for use in contact with food (FDA / BGA approved).
APET is highly resistant to chemicals, such as detergents, solvents, oils and fats, etc.


This material is not a stock item.

Noise barrier

Noise along the highways is an increasing problem. By tradition, Sweden has been using and still use noise barriers made of wood or other opaque materials.

Through the years, our producers of clear transparent acrylic and polycarbonate developed these materials to be approved and certifying the right use of noise barriers along motorways.
Below are the materials for noise barriers we offer.
PMMA Acrylic XT SBW sound barrier wall.
PMMA Acrylic XT SBW sound barrier wall Flysafe.
PC UVP polycarbonate.
PC Polycarbonate SR scratch resistant.
PMMA Acrylic cast, Aglas Sound Stop.

This material is not a stock item.


FOAMALITE® is a versatile lightweight material in expanded PVC. Best quality for billboards and exhbition cases.

FOAMALITE® is easy to cut, ideal for screen and digital printing as well as shape and install.

FOAMALITE® available in several grades, sizes, thicknesses and size. Has excellent properties such as high chemical resistance, low water absorption and flame retardancy.

This material is not a stock item.

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