Acrylic XT, extruded PMMA sheets

Acrylic XT offers excellent thickness tolerances and is very convenient to vacuum form even where complex shapes are required.

Acrylic XT has a lower molding temperature than cast acrylic sheets. This makes it economically very suitable for use in larger production series.

Acrylic XT is weather resistant and can be used outdoors.

Acrylic XT can be offered in a variety of bright, white / opal and tinted colors.

Acrylic XT is available in special versions, which impact resistant, tanning qualities, glass look and frosted versions, eg Softtone.

Acrylic GJ, cast PMMA acrylic

Acrylic GJ is a common material for signage, interior design and general machining.

Acrylic GJ has excellent technical properties which makes it very suitable for applications where high quality is desirable.

Acrylic GJ is extremely weather resistant as it does not yellow or become brittle, even during long-term use outdoors. They have very good acoustic properties, therefore suitable for noise barriers along motorways.

Acrylic GJ available in a variety of bright, white / opal, tinted and denser colors, and pastel colors in a variety of frosted versions. Numerous thicknesses and sizes are available.

PC, Polycarbonate sheets

PC Polycarbonate is an extremely impact-resistant material. Is widely known for being virtually "unbreakable". Therefore often used for so-called safety glazings such as machine protection.

PC Polycarbonate, with its excellent impact-resistant properties, flexibility, strength and weather resistance, very suitable for outdoor structures, as waiting rooms or passageways.

PC Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger and half as heavy as glass. Making it a good choice for protection against vandalism.

PC Polycarbonate is also available as duct / insulation plate for architect-designed gazebos and greenhouses.

PETG sheets

PETG is an all-round material with good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance. Its also easy to recycle.

PETG is easy to machine by cutting, thermoforming and cold bending.
When vacuum forming PETG does not have to be pre-dried.

PETG are its optical clarity along with their good impact resistant properties of a material for most applications. Also available with UV protection for outdoor use.

PETG is approved and can be used in direct contact with food. This does not apply to PETG UV.

SAN sheets

SAN is a styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer. An alternative to other clear plastics thanks to its lower weight, higher stiffness = financial benefits.

SAN offers outstanding chemical resistance and low water absorption. A good alternative to the walls in shower stalls.

SAN produced primarily with UV protection. Used including the windows of industrial doors and takljuskupoler on industrial properties.

PS Polystyrene and HIPS sheets

PS Polystyrene in clear embodiment has very good optical properties. Only used indoors due to low UV stability. Often mounted in the so-called posters glazing.

PS Polystyrene is available in several bright patterned designs for eg shower enclosures.

PS Polystyrene is also impact resistant (HIPS). But is possible only available in white or dyed execution. Is a common option in vacuum formed parts for store displays.


APE is an amorphous polyester impact resistant for most applications. Mostly used in the course of performance, for displays in shop fittings and machine protection, etc.
APET can be cold bent and often sits as a poster protection in front of the so-called "sidewalk jockey" or headlines.
APET is approved for use in contact with food (FDA / BGA approved).
APET is highly resistant to chemicals, such as detergents, solvents, oils and fats, etc.

FOAMALITE® is a versatile lightweight material in expanded PVC. Best quality for billboards and exhbition cases.

FOAMALITE® is easy to cut, ideal for screen and digital printing as well as shape and install.

FOAMALITE® available in several grades, sizes, thicknesses and size. Has excellent properties such as high chemical resistance, low water absorption and flame retardancy.

These materials are not a stock item.

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