Plastic Profiles

We extrude customized profiles in a wide range of plastics, and can advise you on current standards
and requirements, and recommend the best material for your product.

Our specialty is extruded profiles in transparent materials like PMMA, PC, PS and SAN, where high surface finish is often
important. Our products include displays, lampshades and profiles for store interiors and the
furniture and signage industries.


Round rods are manufactured in clear version of the diameter of 2-200 mm. Square rods manufactured in the course of performance of dimension 4 -120 mm. Threesomes rods manufactured in the course of performance of the dimensions 4-25 mm.


The profiles are custom where we together with the customer develop the required tools for production. H-profiles for sheets of thickness 3 or 5 mm are available as standard.


Tubes manufactured in clear, opal / white, colored, satin, metallic and fluorescent version, from the outside diameter of 5-650 mm.


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