Experience and innovation

Since 2008 Premium Profiles has become the leading manufacturer of trasparent plastic profiles in Sweden. Our management have a solid extensive industry experience and expertise. This gives us the confidence to innovate boldly, while our thorough knowledge of materials and products is a guarantee that our customers will get the best and the most out of their ideas, whether it’s about product development or turnkey solutions.


We focus on our skills.

We have no limits when it comes to special and custom solutions. Over the years, special adaptations been an important part of our offering and we continue to develop our methods to become an even better partner for customers.

We are proud of our work.

Premium Profiles AB works preventively in the pursuit of a good internal and external environment.

Our environmentally oriented approach involves sawing and production to seek the highest possible return for reducing the amount of plastic waste.

The plastic waste are sorted and transported for recycling.

Premium Profiles AB is characterized by a preventive and recurring environmental work and we se it as a process of continuous improvement.

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